GuidedPath- The Past and the Future

Who can tell what the future holds?
GuidedPath is leaving behind a legacy we are proud of.

Years ago, GuidedPath launched a new era in technology and proved you could offer college counseling online.  Now, as we look at shuttering GuidedPath, it is an important time to reflect on the past journey of our product, and the college planning industry in general.

When It All Started

Here is a timeline of our history as an online college planning platform.

2004:   Cyndy McDonald began searching for a solution to a problem. Could college counseling move beyond postit notes and paper files? Could it be offered as a program to help counselors and teachers?

2005:   Finding no solutions on the market to meet the needs of counselors, Cyndy & Lee McDonald together launched was the name Lee McDonald coined, “My College Consulting Assistant”. was the first counselor founded and counselor led technology company in the independent educational market.  Cyndy resigned from a job she loved, working with under-represented/first generation students in AVID, to start

2005-2008:    The first programs was offered as a CD. Customers ordered the program online and received their CD’s via the post office.  CD’s were sold at conferences.  Cyndy and Lee held in person demonstrations and trainings in their home.

2008-2011: transitioned to an all online platform.  No need to download programs, get annual updates or repair scratched CD’s. College counseling was becoming more common and understood.

2012: was growing exponentially each year. became a partnership, with Jo-Ann and Greg Beserra (Colorado). grew to include a software engineer, Ron Krubeck, more developers and a new Customer Service representative, Kim Green.

2014: was updated and relaunched as a new product. It was rebranded from to GuidedPath.

2014-2017:  GuidedPath continued to grow and lead the market.  New team members joined the GuidedPath team, including Andrea Lindquist. Several other college planning tools were now available. This helped validate the market GuidedPath started.

2017:   Planmycollege and GuidedPath signed a contract for a merger/acquisition.  The Planmycollege approach was to offer a consumer based product through Planmycollege, and the professional based product through GuidedPath.  Our team continued to grow, with Jennifer Smith joining the team as a Customer Service Representative. Jo-Ann Beserra retired from GuidedPath and Planmycollege.

2019:   Cyndy McDonald shifted focus from technology to coaching and consulting.  Being a mentor and teacher to new and experienced consultants alike became the focus of her endeavors. GuidedPath was moving forward on an upward trajectory.

2020:   One of the founders of  GuidedPath, Lee McDonald, passed away.  The economic downturn affects Planmycollege.  A company decision was made to close the product, GuidedPath.

Serving Others

Over the years we have served over 100,000 students and over 1500 advisors in over 2o countries. Whether through an athletic outreach program for African-American boys,  an outreach program on the beaches of North Carolina, or a tool for a consultant in South Africa, GuidedPath has touched the lives of students, parents and advisors.  Our goal was to take college planning to a new level. We feel we accomplished that goal.

The GuidedPath Legacy

We are proud of the GuidedPath ( legacy. We hope you are too. We are proud to have shown consultants a new way to manage the college counseling process. GuidedPath was the first to offer online services. We are also the first to move on to other endeavors, but we feel we leave you in good hands, with excellent choices to meet your technology needs.

Good Hands

Review the FAQ provided on the home page. GuidedPath subscribers have lots of great platforms to choose from. Find the one that fits your needs the best.  We know the “best fit” is out there for you.  As for us, we are looking into the future, exploring options.  Just as the door closes on GuidedPath, another door will open.

FAQ on Alternative College Planning Platforms