GuidedPath’s Most Popular Webinars

Over Four Years Broad List of Topics Covered
Over the past four years we have covered a wide range of topics through our GuidedPath webinar series.  Let’s take a look back at what we have covered.

  • 2013: June-July |   Now That You Are a College Freshman  |  Guiding students to a successful transition from high school to college.
  • 2013: July-September  |  Counseling Students Who Think They Can  |  Counseling performing arts, athletes, students with learning disabilities and students with particular interests.
  • 2014: January-April  |  Today’s Higher Education Landscape  |  A focus on current topics of interest in the ever changing field of college counseling.
  • 2014: July- September  |  Ready, Set, Go!  |  Supporting students in the college preparation process.
  • 2014-15: December-February  |  I Can Afford College  |  College Affordability tips, tools and guidelines.
  • 2015-16: December-August  |  The Changing Landscape of American College Admissions  |  Professionals weigh in on the multiple changes in college admissions in 2016.

You can review each one of these series in our youtube or slideshare channels.

Most Viewed Recordings

These webinars have received the most views on the GuidedPath youtube channel:

Most Viewed Slides

These webinars slides have received the most views on  GuidedPath slideshare:

  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Cyndy McDonald.
  • Multiple Intelligence Advantage, Susie Wood.
  • Seven Big Mistakes High School Students Make When Picking a College, Harlan Cohen.
  • ACT Profile, College and Career Planning Goes Social, Tyler Coon.
  • Seismic Shifting Sands: 2016 College Admissions Applications, Cyndy McDonald & Rebecca Joseph.

Cyndy’s Favorites

My favorite webinars are not necessarily the ones most watched, or most viewed. They are the ones covering topics I face as a counselor. Topics I have a passion for. I have so many favorites, it is hard to choose.  But here are my top picks for starting the new year off:

  1. The Down and Dirty about College Admissions, Peter VanBuskirk.  When Peter talks, everyone listens. He provides us with a clear and un-biased view of college admissions. It helps us, as professionals, to guide and instruct parents and students into a more realistic view of the college admissions process.   Watch. View slides.
  2. Financial Aid Reform, Beyond Prior-Prior, Brent Benner.  College affordability is a hot topic for all parents and students. Understanding the process, and what could improve college affordability is a must for college advisors.   Watch. View slides.
  3. Enough is Enough: Letting Go of the Imperfect Essay, Susan Knoppow.  College essays are an important part of the college application process, but how do we as counselors know when “enough is enough”?   Watch. View slides.
  4. Engaging Students, Talk, Text or Skype, Cyndy McDonald.  I feel it is important to understand the generation of students heading to college, and how they approach the world.  We need to know how we, as counselors, can connect and communicate with them effectively, especially with the tools we use, such as GuidedPath.  This is a part of a series we offered, Engaging Students, teaching how to use our online tool with students.    Watch. View slides.
  5. It’s All About the Transition, Harlan Cohen. I tell my students,” As a counselor, my role is not to help you get out of high school (or community college). I am here to help you transition successfully as a freshman in college.”  I love the message Harlan shares with counselors, students and parents about the importance of preparing to transition to college.   Watch.  View slides.