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No time to stay on top of all the changes in the College Admissions Process?

How do you plan to share this information with your families? What if we could make it easier for you to get this information out to your families?

educationalconsultantplatform-150x150 Try our GuidedPath Guru Subscription

Receive content that allows you to deliver cutting edge, relevant news directly to your parents and/or students.  Content for dozens of emails written by our professional counseling staff will enhance your services and save you time. All of this done through one GuidedPath Guru subscription.

GuidedPath does not send anything directly to your families, but makes it easy for YOU to share lots of valuable, customizable information.


  • Ready made emails on college admissions, testing, college affordability and more that you send out to YOUR families.
  • Frequent weekly emails to help engage your families.  (see samples below)
  • Coverage for each grade level, often with special messages just for seniors, juniors or other grade levels as appropriate.
  • Calls to action for parents and students to take in the college planning process, especially as they use GuidedPath.
  • Option for you to personalize each message and send from your email or GuidedPath account.

Guru Subscription

$20 / Month

Weekly Emails

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Samples of weekly Guru guidance:

#1:  How do you measure your chances for admissions?

How competitive for admissions will you be? This is based on several factors. Some factors are more measurable in the college applications process than others. The easily measured factors include:

  • Your GPA
  • Your tests scores on ACT, AP, SAT or Subject tests

Less measurable, but equally important in your college application process are:

  • How hard you challenged yourself in your course schedule
  • Activities you were involved in during high school
  • Contributions you made to your community
  • Your love of learning
  • Your life’s experiences

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My Chances

#2: Have you heard from your Early Action or Early Decision schools?

December not only means Christmas trees, Hanukkah celebrations and standing under the mistletoe, it also means hearing back from the colleges you applied to in round 1 of Early applications.  This month be sure to:

  • Watch for admissions emails or letters from colleges.
  • Make plans for next steps.

Which type of early application did you complete?  Pick from the following list the types of early college applications you used.

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yes no


What do I get with the GuidedPath Guru content subscription?

  • Weekly guidance on the college planning process appropriate for seniors, juniors and younger students. Some weeks the information is the same and some weeks it is different. Emails are sent out each Wednesday.
  • Various formats to allow you to easily share the guidance with your families:
    • Email that can be forwarded,
    • Dropbox link that can be shared via GuidedPath messaging, email or social media.
    • Microsoft Word document that can be edited and repurposed.

Will this content help engage my families with GuidedPath?

Yes, absolutely! Each week’s guidance comes with recommendations for how a student can use GuidedPath. Of course, you can modify or customize this further and will give you a great starting point for working with your families.

What are some ideas of how to use the Guru content?

  • Create a weekly or monthly newsletter with all or a summary of the guru content.
  • Send out GuidedPath messages with the dropbox link to provide ongoing college planning guidance to your families, branded from your organization.
  • Create assignments related to the steps that are identified for students to take.
  • Click here for even more details.

What is the fine print for this subscription?

During the subscription time, you have full right to use, modify, and reuse the Guru content however you would like, as long as you include the GuidedPath logo, copyright or mention that the content was provided by GuidedPath.