HECA Session Available now- New College Planning with Generation Z

At the recent HECA conference, I presented a session on Dynamic College Planning with Generation Z.  This session stemmed from an interview I did with Dr. Corey Seemiller earlier this year on her research, which was published in the book, Generation Z Goes to College.  It was a well attended session, with lots of lively discussion on the topic. We had so much interest, we offered to make the powerpoint available to anyone interested.

You can access the powerpoint through slide share. If you don’t already have an account on slideshare, create a free account, then you will be able to download this and lots of other informative presentations.

New college planning for Generation Z from GuidedPath


Interview with Corey Seemiller

 Did you hear the interview in February with Corey?  It was very informative and eye-opening.  This topic is generating lots of discussion on college campuses as to what can be done to prepare for Generation Z.


Additional Self Reflection Resources

In the session at HECA we discussed additional self reflection resources available for counselors to use when working with students.  Dr. Steven Antonoff and I did a session at a previous conference, on the use of self reflection resources. We compiled a list of self reflection tools available to counselors.  As this list was compiled in 2014, we are in the process of updating it. Would you like a copy when it is ready?  If you want to be notified when the list is available, click on the link below.  We will let you know when the update is completed.


YES! Please Let Me Know!


Surveys Galore

One way to help prepare for Generation Z is to get to know them.  In GuidedPath, we offer over 10 surveys counselors can use to get to know their students better and to encourage students to do self-reflection. Our surveys are organized in several different types.  What grades levels are the surveys appropriate for? That is included as well!


Dynamic College Planning with Surveys from GuidedPath