How Gamification Helps Students Find Best Fit Using Corsava Cards

Corsava is a revolutionary approach to helping students build a college list. Corsava gives students a fun and gamified way to discover and embrace their emotional preferences as they explore many aspects of college life that are rarely considered, yet are key to a rich college experience. Learn more about Corsava, how to integrate Corsava into the custom menus in GuidedPath in this webinar with Anne Wager, founder and CEO of Corsava, and Ernie Booth, the CTO, and Cyndy McDonald, founder and President of GuidedPath. Corsava is a featured GuidedPath Affiliate, we are proud to partner with.

Adding Corsava to Custom Menus

Corsava is a GuidedPath partner. You can add Corsava into your GuidedPath account using our exclusive custom menu feature. This creates allows your students and parents to access Corsava straight from their GuidedPath profiles.

All you need is the special, GuidedPath Corsava login links:

Counselor Links (make private to counselors in you custom menu)

If you prefer the “main” corsava page, instead of the direct login page, you can use this link instead:

Student Links

This will embed Corsava into your GuidedPath account, making it accessible to parents/students from within your platform. It will also put your corsava counselor login at your fingertips when within GuidedPath.

Special Discount Offer for GuidedPath Users

Corsava is soon launching a new membership-based product for experienced counselors to contribute and share their impressions of colleges. Corsava recognizes GuidedPath users can bring a lot of knowledge and experience to this product, so they are offering to GuidedPath users a 50% off 1st-year membership subscription. As a GuidedPath customer, you can sign up now and lock in your 50% discount on membership to the new Cafe when it is launched. Counselors who sign up through this promotion will automatically be approved for access and will receive a notification when we go live. There is no obligation to purchase. Fill in the form now!