How to Create College Lists in Minutes Using Guided Search and Tagged Lists

Do you spend hours researching and creating a college list for students?

There is an Easier Way

GuidedPath expert Cyndy McDonald shared a demonstration of the Guided Search. Using the Guided Search in college list building will save you time and help you build your business.

This webinar covers:

  • How to build a college list using My Matches
  • Tips for building and saving college lists
  • Using tagged lists in college searches
  • Creating your own tagged lists
  • How to export lists
  • How to create and deliver college lists.

Cyndy also covers an overall approach for engaging your students and tips for using discussions to annotate a college list.  See the links below to view the PowerPoint presentation as well as the video recording.

GuidedPath offers user help in many ways.  Our KnowledgeBase articles are always available on any page by clicking the ? in the top right corner of GuidedPath.  You can view the KnowledgeBase articles on Guided Search online.  You can also email us at with questions.

View Presentation PowerPoint


View Recording