GuidedPath Supports ICAP in Colorado

GuidedPath Supports ICAP in Colorado

Meet ICAP Requirements using GuidedPath

GuidedPath is a career and college planning tool. It can be an integral part of a schools ICAP implementation plan.

GuidedPath offers the following ICAP standards:

a)     Assessable, Recordable & Transferable.  Students can take their ICAP with them from school to school. Parents, students and school administrators (up to the district level) have access to student ICAP plans.  Printable  ICAP plans and PWR goals can be made available through GuidedPath.

b)     Yearly Benchmarks:  Students can record progress using assignments or uploaded documents

c)     Interest Surveys:  GuidedPath offers personality and career surveys, and customized surveys students and parents can access and take online.

d)     Assessment scores.  Record basic skills, assessment or college entrance scores.  UseGuidedPath to plan for school or national assessments.

f)      College Affordability.  Information on college affordability, with a personal assessment a student or parents can complete to understand college costs and family obligations.

g)     Easy Portfolio Management.  Students can start and manage portfolios online to record Contextual and Service Learning hours or opportunities.

h)     Application and Resumes.  College applications, resume or alternative applications are managed online with GuidedPath, which includes management of deadlines and application progress.  Students have workflow management tool in GuidedPath that helps them submit successful applications.

Coming to GuidedPath

Look for the following features to help meet ICAP requirements in the future:

a)     Core Academic Course Tracking.  Listing of courses need to meet academic or career PWR goals and district requirements.  Tracking of student progress yearly toward goals.

b)     Resume Builder.  GuidedPath will provide tools to students to build resume to use to demonstrate career or college readiness, service or contextual learning experiences.

Email us at info@guidedpath to request a demo today!

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