Interview with Marie Schwartz: Choosing the Path Less Traveled: How a Gap Year Can Enhance Your College Experience

Recent years has seen a growing number of students choosing not to attend college right out of high school. Increasingly, students and parents are seeing the value of taking time to learn and grow before launching into college. In an interview with Marie Schwartz, Cyndy McDonald explores the reasons students choose to do a gap year, and why it is growing in popularity. Understanding how to evaluate programs for quality is an important skill parents, students and counselors must develop.

Marie, as promised in her interview, provided links to additional resources for those who want to learn more about gap year opportunities:
  • 10 Skills Teens Need to Succeed: How to Prepare Students for College And Career: presented by Marie Schwartz (use with mention of TeenLife as the source). You must have a free slideshare account for view this presentation.
  • 7 Reasons to Take a Gap Year Before College- ebook available on TeenLife.
  • American Gap Year Association
  • USA Gap Year Fairs
TeenLife Guides
  • TeenLife 2017 Guide to Gap Year Programs – PDF
  • TeenLife 2017 Guide to Gap Year Programs – Microsite – contains student testimonials
  • Gap Program Listings (more than 600!) – narrow down using filters on left