Interview with Peter VanBuskirk: The Admissions Game: 2020 and Beyond

What does it take move the ball down to the finish line in the college admissions game? Peter VanBuskirk wrote about this challenge in his book, “Winning The College Admission Game: Strategies for Students and Parents.”

In our interview, we discussed questions such as:

  • How has college admissions changed over the past few years?
  • What concerns do you have about the college admissions trends you see nor, or in the future?
  • Are groups of students, such as Asian students, being discriminated against in admissions?
  • What do parents/students and advisors need to know about college admissions in order to play the game?
Want more?

See answers to more questions, posted in Cyndy’s Blog:  FAQ’s: The College Admissions Game: 2020 and Beyond.

Student Centered Approach

In the interview, Peter referenced his student centered approach to navigating the college planning process.  You can read about and use the entire process in his best selling workbook. Peter is making a special bulk offer to viewers of the interview.  This approach fits into the GuidedPath Process very well.

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Interview with Peter VanBuskirk