Introducing GuidedPath’s NEW Decisions Dashboard

New Decisions Dashboard

Now, adding college decisions in GuidedPath is easy and fast, using the new Quick Accept feature. As the leading online college planning software, GuidedPath is leading the way into 2017. The new Decisions dashboard features:

  • At a glance view of college responses in an easy to read graph
  • Calendar of upcoming college admissions dates
  • Visual graph of scholarships, grants and other financial aid being offered


New Decisions Details Page for Users

In addition to the new dashboard, the decisions pages have been updated and optimized for easy input of decisions and all financial aid awards: scholarships, grants, and loans. Now, at a glance you can see how much scholarship, grants, or other financial aid is being offered by the colleges.  Now students and parents have the data they need to make final decisions about where to attend.


Cost Comparisons

A powerful tool, connected to the Decisions section, is the Cost Comparisons feature.  Using this feature, you can see how affordable a college is based on the financial aid you are offered.  See the Award rating for each college.  Look for 4 or 5 star ratings.  This signifies a great merit or financial aid award.


Learn More

Learn more about the new Decisions dashboard, and all the features of GuidedPath.  Request a demonstration and see for yourself how our online, college planning software can meet your needs. It is available for schools, consultants and non-profit groups.