Introducing the GuidedPath – Prompt Partnership

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Prompt! Prompt is a powerful tool for managing your students’ application writing that seamlessly integrates with GuidedPath. Using Prompt can halve the time you spend managing application writing and the time your students spend writing great applications. As we all know, saving you time means you can spend more advising your students and growing your business, and saving your students’ time makes them happier and enables them to craft better applications. Here’s more information about Prompt works with GuidedPath and the timeline for making it happen.

How Prompt works with GuidedPath

Prompt provides free access to every essay application requirement for GuidedPath users through the College Information Profiles. Prompt will have essay prompts for about 2,500 schools, including prompts that are specific to programs, majors, and scholarships.

You can elect to turn on access for you and your students to Prompt’s Application Management Platform through GuidedPath for an extra fee – no additional login is required. The beauty of Prompt is its simplicity and power for taking the complex process of writing college applications and distilling it down to specific tasks and tools that support the writing process. Here’s how it works from the student perspective and the IEC perspective.

Students: Prompt consolidates the application requirements for every school on a student’s GuidedPath school list. Prompt then walks the student through the process of selecting optional essays he or she may need to write. Students then have the option to spend 30 minutes using Prompt’s tools to develop their Content Strategy. At the end of the process, a student receives a Personalized Assignment List with everything he or she needs to complete, along with recommended prompt choices and topics for each essay and a plan for the content to write about in each essay. Prompt then sends this list of assignments and recommended due dates to the student’s GuidedPath calendar.

Students use the Personalized Assignment List as the center of the application writing process. Students can access Prompt’s Outline Creator to craft an outline of each essay before writing a draft. Students also submit their essays and receive feedback from you through the system.

IECs: Prompt makes the process of managing a student’s application writing easy. A student dashboard provides you with a quick snapshot of the progress of each student. You can then click on a student to access his or her Personalized Assignment List, content strategy, outlines, and essays. If you make changes to a student’s profile (e.g., recommending a different prompt), the student is notified of the recommended changes. Prompt also integrates with GuidedPath’s assignments and calendar by providing recommended due dates for each assignment.

Prompt’s Content Strategy and Essay Writing Tools are designed to enhance your practice by helping students think through what they should write about and how to structure their thoughts. Using Prompt’s tools effectively eliminates first drafts of essays that require significant rewriting. You have the option of turning these tools on or off for your students. You can use Prompt’s tools in many ways such as serving as homework before your one-on-one meetings.

Prompt also helps you manage the essay review process – say goodbye to emailing everything back and forth. Students submit essays through GuidedPath and Prompt. Prompt then notifies you when there are essays for you to review. You can then use Word, Google Docs, or Prompt’s Editing Tool (40% faster than using Word or Docs) to mark up essays and send them back to students through Prompt. If you use editors, Prompt helps you automatically manage your essay review workflows based on your preferred settings. If you need additional support, you can access essay feedback from Prompt’s global network of essay specialists with the click of a button.

About Prompt

Prompt’s mission is to make students better writers. Since its founding three years ago, Prompt has helped thousands of students improve their college essays through their content, web-based writing tools, and global network of writing specialists. Prompt’s users have been accepted to every top-50 university and have earned millions in scholarships.

Brad, Jordan, and John founded Prompt in 2014. Together, they’ve reviewed thousands of college application essays and built a world-class network of over 100 writing specialists. Each of Prompt’s founders brings a unique skillset, a passion for teaching and writing, and an MIT education. Brad, Prompt’s CEO, is a published author on how to write college applications, how to interview, and how to write resumes and cover letters. He also spent five years as a management consultant at McKinsey and was the first employee at Airware, a drone start-up. Jordan, Prompt’s CTO, leads Prompt’s technology and previously spent time teaching at a high school. John, Prompt’s Head Feedback Sage, wrote the book on preparing for the SAT essay and is also an accomplished technology developer.

Timing for the Prompt and GuidedPath Integration

Beginning February 16th, you will be able to access the 2016-2017 prompts for about 250 of the most requested schools on College Profiles.  Prompt will then add the 2017-2018 requirements for about 2,500 schools as schools announce their new applications.

You can get early access to Prompt’s Application Management Platform add-on to GuidedPath by attending one of three webinars. The first one is on March 2nd, and you can sign up for a webinar by clicking here. If you are unable to make one of the webinars, Prompt will be available to you through GuidedPath at the end of March.

Pricing + Special Offer for GuidedPath Users

The Prompt Application Management Platform add-on to GuidedPath is $250 per year per organization plus $25 per student (paid one time per student). There is also a monthly payment option. The price includes the full feature set of Prompt’s Application Management Platform, although you always have the choice of turning on or off different parts for each student.

Essay Reviews are based on word count and average about $35 per review. If you use Prompt’s Application Management Platform, you receive 10% off all Essay Reviews. IECs can request essay reviews at any time. Prompt provides these reviews under your brand (i.e. it contains your logo and no mention of Prompt).

All GuidedPath users will receive a free two-month trial of Prompt’s Application Management Platform plus $200 in credit to try out Prompt’s Essay Reviews. In addition, if you make a downpayment of $100 for Prompt’s Application Management Platform by April 15th, you will receive 30% off your first year. If you make a downpayment of $1,000 for Prompt’s Essay Reviews by April 15th, you will receive an additional 10% off for all of your reviews for your first year.


As mentioned, you can get all of the essay prompts included with your GuidedPath subscription, or you can choose to add Prompt to your GuidedPath. For more information, you can download a more detailed document about Prompt’s integration with GuidedPath by clicking here, and you can visit our GuidedPath/Prompt Partnership Page. In addition, make sure you sign up for a webinar to get early access by clicking here. If that’s still not enough to satiate your appetite, please feel free to reach out to Prompt at