Invoicing has arrived!

Invoicing has arrived!

The new invoicing tool allows you to collect all your billing items in one place.  Add entries over time until you are ready to create an invoice.  When building an invoice you will choose the down arrow next to those items that you wish to include.  You can edit the message associated with the invoice or even the billing contact and address.  When everything looks right, click on Finalize Invoice.

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Invoices appear in their own tab.  You will see a history of all your invoices along the left hand side.  Click on Print Invoice to print your invoice.  You can also use the print to PDF function on your computer to save the invoice as a file.

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Payments get tracked in their own tab as well.  Add new payments by clicking on Add new record and edit a record by clicking on the pencil.  The ‘X’ will delete a payment record.

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The summary tab allows you to see a running total of invoices and payments against each other.

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Let our support team know if you have question or comments. You can always e-mail us at .

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