Is it Your Genes or Passion? Uncovering “Best fit” to Tell Your Career Story

The interview with Dr. Feller was very revealing.  Dr. Feller is a trend setter in career education. Dr. Rich Feller discussed why interest-only assessment is a social justice issue that many educators are not aware of. He shares how reducing “exposure bias”, identifying natural and stable aptitudes, and unfolding a person’s personal storytelling is an alternative, more accurate, career advising approach.  He delved deeper into his aptitude research with YouScience and gamification and storytelling with One Life Tools and how it helps students discover their VOICE to tell a better story and self-advocate. Listen to the lively discussion about the difference between self reporting and actually measuring aptitudes.

Research Slides

View slides on the research Dr. Feller cited about matching students to careers in demand.

Is it Your Passion or Your Genes? Uncovering “Best Fit” to Tell Your Career Story from GuidedPath

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