Just added! New College Testing Report

college tet reportNew College Testing Report

GuidedPath has added a new report to make it easier than ever to view the testing requirements for all of their colleges. The test report includes:
  • A list of their college test requirements. See at a glance which colleges require the writing on the ACT or SAT, or the SAT Subject requirements.
  • ACT or SAT codes.  All codes are consolidated into one place.
  • Use of Writing. Does the college use writing for placement only? For admissions? Or both? This report gives you the scoop.
GuidedPath Best Practice:
Encourage your students to pull up the testing report and use it when requesting their test score to be sent. Using the ACT or SAT codes on the report will make the task go faster and be more accurate.
Example report:
test report screenshot

Update on GuidedPath System

As the application season has progressed, we have seen a corresponding increase in the use of GuidedPath’s communication process. This increased load necessitated making updates in our communication process. Our communication process handles all notifications and reminders you set for assignments, appointments, tests, and application deadlines. This update was launched last week.

Thanks to the reports by our users, we were able to identify some remaining communications issues. Thanks to the work of our support team, an update to the communications system was made last night in the maintenance window. All communications are now back to normal. Advisors and Students will continue to see reminders for events, according to their customized configuration.

Support is our primary objective. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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