Has Liberal Arts Education outgrown it's usefulness?

Liberal Arts Education- Is it Outdated?

Social Media director.  Director of Customer Success.  Intellectual Property Attorney.  How many  other jobs did not exist 10, or even 5 years ago?  Preparing for jobs that have not been thought of yet, is why a liberal arts education is needed now more than ever.  The conversation I had with Maria Furtado, the Executive Director of Colleges That Change Lives, about the value of a Liberal Arts education in this era of career and majors focus was very illuminating.  The interview was the latest webinar in our summer series, Ready, Set, Go!

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The Future of Liberal Arts Education
Maria Furtado, spoke eloquently about the value a liberal arts education brings for students going into a rapidly changing career market.  Attending a college that offers an individualized, mentor approach to education provides dividends that extend past the four years in college.  Maria mentioned resources available for counselors and advisors to take advantage of from The Colleges That Change Lives.

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