Making College Applications Season a Stress Free Zone

business-19156_1920No More Stress

We know it is stressful for you, parents and students during college application season.  Juggling application types, all the parts of applications and especially the myriad of application deadlines can be enough to bring the beast out in you! In GuidedPath, we have done something to make your life easier and calmer.

No More Spreadsheets or Post It’s

GuidedPath is designed to give you all the information you need for managing college planning, including the essential deadlines matrix.  Rather than trying to manage a form in a student folder or in a spreadsheet on your laptop, use the GuidedPath application dashboard and new, full application screens, to see everything you need at a glance.

No More Complexity in College Planning

Recently we introduced a new concept in college application management: create application plans by college (not by student). Apply the same plan to each student who applies to that college.  Using this approach will save you lots of time and ease the anxiety of parents. Lower the parent anxiety and you will reduce the pressure and anxiety the student is experiencing.

No More Double Checking

Used to making multiple checks of application deadlines and student progress?  The application section of GuidedPath boasts a new Application dashboard which will eliminate backtrack checking of application plans. With the new Application Dashboard, you will see:

  • number of college applications completed and number pending in Overall Application Plan Status.
  • a monthly calendar with Upcoming Key Deadlines.
  • at a glance a student’s list of Early Decision, Early Action, Priority and other application types in Types of Application Plans.
  • an agenda listing of upcoming deadlines for Upcoming Key Milestones.
  • how far along a student is with applications in Application Milestone Status.
  • application progress by college in Plan Progress by College.
  • confirmation of Reminders: when and how they are sent.

In addition to the new dashboard, you will see:

  • full screen college deadlines
  • full screen application plans
  • full screen progress by college, deadline or milestone.


Take the new Application Dashboard for a spin and tell us what you think!

No More Losing Sleep over Looming Application Deadlines

Parents will now sleep soundly knowing their student will not miss important deadlines, and you will not lose sleep wondering what deadline is coming next.  It is all at your fingertips in our new Application Dashboard and full screen pages.

No  Problem

Want to learn more? No problem!

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