Making it All Yours with New Custom Menu Feature

Working on my website recently,  I thought, “This would be great to add to GuidedPath”.  It is a scheduler for appointments. I have it on my website for new customers.  Yet, it would be so much better if my current students (or parents) could schedule appointments with me straight from GuidedPath.  It would look so great- and to the parents it would feel like they were coming to one place to use GuidedPath and connect with me, their college counselor.

Now, with the new GuidedPath Custom Menus, I can do just that: make another website or tool look like it is integrated straight into GuidedPath.  This is the new Custom Menu feature launched recently by GuidedPath.

What is a Custom Menu?

It is an option for advisors to add a set of custom menu items to the top menu bar.  This  helps reiterate your identity and brand within GuidedPath.custom-menu2

How can it help me?

Having your business name right in the menu bar for GuidedPath  makes your company look more polished,  on top of the crowd using technology in a progressive way.

Who will see the menu items?

The menus and contents that you specify will be available to all advisors, students and connections using your GuidedPath account.

What are some examples of websites I can link to?

Check out the HELP article on Custom Menu Examples & Ideas.  Here you will see examples of using in your custom menus:

  • Appointment schedulers
  • Career planning tools
  • Payment gateways
  • Maps to your business location
  • View only Calendar
  • Link to your blog
  • and many more!
Does it work for all websites?

No. The website must have a https:// at the beginning. This is known as a “secure” website. Additionally, some websites block external links such as these (known as “iframes”). You have to explore which websites allow the use of custom menus and which ones do not.

Spreading the Word

Now I busy writing an email to inform my families of the new way for them to easily schedule appointments with me.  My mind is racing- what else can I add to my menu bar!  Application systems (CSU Mentor works!), my blog, Prompt, Parchment,  what other ones can I find?

What will you add to your menu bar?

Let us know what you have added and how it has helped your business.   Email us at with the website you added to your custom menu!

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