My Three Favorite Newly Added Features In GuidedPath

It’s now been 10 days since we released the new version of GuidedPath and we’ve already been getting great reviews! Several customers wrote in to say how much they appreciated the updates and we even heard that students are loving the new interface. But with the new modern look and improved navigation it’s easy to overlook some of the awesome features we’ve added. So I’d like to highlight three of my favorite features that are new to GuidedPath…

New Financial Aid Search Criteria

We’ve added in four new categories to the Financial Aid section of the Guided Search: Average Merit Award, Average Athletic Award, Cost of Out-Of-State Attendance, Cost of In-State Attendance. You can compare and filter this criteria in the same way but you now have more flexibility when researching and comparing schools based on financial aid. financialaidcriteria


Custom Reminders

This is a feature that was requested by several GuidedPath users and we thought is was too good of an idea not to include. There have been many improvements to Notifications & Reminders and you can read all about them here. But I think it’s extra powerful that you can now add custom text to the reminders your students receive. So if you’re student has an upcoming ACT test he’ll automatically get a reminder as the date approaches but you can also include some of your advisor wisdom with the reminder. Maybe something along the lines of “Make sure to get at least 8hrs of sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast!”customreminders

Group Dashboard Analysis

When you are working with multiple students the Group Dashboard now provides “at-a-glance” analytics. You’ll find the five main sections — Surveys, Tests, Colleges, Applications, and Decisions — now display more insights pertaining to your group of students. You can see the percentage of students who have started an activity in each of the sections. What’s even better is you can easily see the Top 3 Surveys Completed, Top 3 Upcoming Tests, Top 3 Colleges on your students lists, and more!groupdashboard



We are very proud of the recent release of GuidedPath and it took a lot of hard work and dedication from every member of the GuidedPath team to pull it off. Our hope is that you continue to send us your great feedback, ideas, and suggestions on how GuidedPath could work better for your students and for your business. That’s what we’re all about!

– Shane


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