National Speaker Peter VanBuskirk Offers Workshop at NCAG Conference

National speaker Peter VanBuskirk will be offering his renowned workshop, Hot Spots, Hooks and Hidden Agendas at the upcoming NCAG (National College Advocacy Group) conference on Monday, May 13, 2019 in Seattle, Washington.  Always a popular pre-conference session at NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counselors), Peter provides training based on his experience and insights gained as a former admissions director.

What is the Hot Spots, Hooks and Hidden Agendas Workshop About?

This workshop covers the questions:

  • Why do some students get admitted, and others do not?
  • Why do some students get more financial aid or merit scholarships than others?
  • What goes into the Early Decision or Waitlist decisions?

As advisors, these are the questions we answer continually from our students and parents.  In this 3 hour workshop, Peter provides training and insights into the strategies of enrollment management at the university level.  

What will I learn about enrollment management strategies?

Peter has experience as a former director of admissions.  He shares the history of the rise of strategic enrollment management, and how that altered the landscape of college admissions.  Some of the concepts Peter introduces in this session are:

  • Pyramid of Selectivity: understanding the importance of selectivity and the importance it plays in selectivity of institutions.
  • Hidden Agenda:  understanding how institutional agendas shape admissions decisions
  • Financial Aid Matrix: why some students get more financial aid than others
  • Doors of Enrollment: reveals the role of Early Decision, Early Action, Wait Lists and January admissions in meeting institutional needs
  • Cost/Affordability Forecasters- separating reality from rhetoric.

Is there a separate cost for the workshop?

The cost for this workshop is included in the NCAG conference. The conference is filled with 2 days of other professional experiences, including mock admissions and financial aid committee sessions, speakers, networking and social events.  There is one cost for members, and one cost for non-members. Register now, as space is limited at the conference. The plus is having this training in beautiful Seattle!

Learn more about the NCAG conference 

Are there other conferences I should look into?

Yes, there are many other professional development opportunities this spring. View my blog with a list of conferences.