New ACT & SAT Score Formats added to GuidedPath!

The revised ACT and SAT tests with newly formatted scores will be landing in student emails and mailboxes shortly. As these new test scores are available, you need a place to record them in their new format. GuidedPath has you covered! We added new test score formats to student test profiles.

What did GuidedPath Add?
GuidedPath just updated the TEST SCORE feature to make it easy to record all the new test scores with their new formats. This includes:

  • NEW ACT test scores, including calculated ELA and STEM scores
  • NEW PSAT scores (from 10/2015) test, with optional entry of subscores
  • NEW SAT scores (March 2016) with optional entry for test subscores and cross-discipline scores

What other features does GuidedPath offer for Test Score reporting?
Seeing a student’s SUPER Score is easy using GuidedPath. At a glance students, parents and advisors can see what a students best scores are. GuidedPath combines all the top scores to create an automatic super score.

Any new tests added to GuidedPath?
Yes- GuidedPath has added GRE tests as a type for graduate students.

Where can I learn more?
Check out the knowledge base article on testing.

Where can I learn more about the upcoming changes to ACT or SAT test scores?
Attend our free webinar: Admissions Game Changers: ACT & SAT.  Register NOW.

What if my students have custom tests?
Read the ​FAQs with details on the transition of scores. Advisors may need to update student test schedules if old test types were used.

​Why did GuidedPath make this change?
We are committed to providing you cutting edge technology, staying ahead of trends in college and career admissions.

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