New Survey Printing – available in Reports


Survey Questions and Responses are now available for printing!

Any survey available in GuidedPath – including your own custom surveys – can now be printed!

How do I print the Survey Results?

Select Reports from the left menu on the student dashboard.  The Reports are now categorized by Survey Reports, Test Reports, College Reports and Application Reports.screenshot survey responses

What Survey Reports are available?

  • Survey Responses

The Survey Responses report includes the questions and responses for any survey that has been started.  Use the dropdown in the upper left to toggle between different surveys.

  • Find My Spark
  • College Affordability Shaper
  • College Match

If completed, the Find My Spark, College Affordability Shaper, and College Match Surveys have results analysis available and a separate report is available for each of these that includes the analysis, the questions and the answers.

How do I Print?

Print options are in the upper right hand corner for all reports – click on the “export report” button.

Still Don’t See some of the Questions and Answers?

If the survey has a changed privacy setting, then the report will only be available to those that the survey is shared with. Surveys must be started for them to be available for printing.


Bonus Update

The Charges and Balances Report (available in group mode) – now has the ability to see the results by year – just in time for tax season!


For more details on GuidedPath Reports, visit our knowledgebase.







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