Now Available: 17 Things High School Grads Need to Do The Summer Before College

Millions of students WILL struggle their first year in college. Many will NOT return to the same campus. This professional webinar, offered by Harlan Cohen, discusses how to help your students prepare and plan for a successful college transition by addressing questions like… How do I make new friends? Get involved? Pass classes? Manage time? Manage money? Share a room? Stay connected? Stay safe? Find love? Deal with parents? Create a happy, healthy, and balanced life on and off campus?

Check out these available resources from Harlan Cohen:

  • Roommate Contract
  • 5 Simple Rules for Parents
  • 5 Big Questions to Ask Before Leaving for College
Invite your students/parents to a live webinar on 5/23/2016.  Learn more.
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17 Things High School Grads NEED To Do The Summer College from GuidedPath

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