Online Education: Wave of the Future?

More and more retail businesses are abandoning brick and mortar for online services only. Is Higher Education headed that direction too? Studies show the definition of a “typical student” is more than an eighteen year old incoming freshman. Higher Education institutions are looking for ways to meet this diversity of student needs. Arizona State University, a leader in educational innovation, has built up one of the most well known and respected online programs.Matthew Lopez, Vice President in Enrollment Services at Arizona State University discussed the future of online education, in an interview with Cyndy McDonald.

Examples of Online Resources

Here are links to some of videos Matthew Lopez mentions in his interview about online education:

·         Online Course Experience:

·         ASU Online video:

·         Creative solution for offering lab experience to online students:

High School Student Resources

Online resources are not just reserved for undergraduate students. ASU has resources for high school students too.

Here is information for high school students who want to earn college credit (two options):

1)      Global Freshman Academy:

2)      ASU Prep Digital: