School & Organization Plans

Subscription Plans for Organizations Feature:

  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 2 hours of consultation for organization set up and training
  • Free resources to introduce GuidedPath to parents and students
  • Free webinars on college and career related topics
  • Comprehensive academic year implementation guide for grades 8-12
  • All features, including financial analysis, surveys and essay questions included.

GuidedPath can also set up your organization with a “tiered” structure, ideal for larger organizations with multiple offices or school districts.  Ask us for details!

Which plan works for your school or organization?

Up to  50 Active Students


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Up to 100 Active Students


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Up to 250 Active Students


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Up to 500 Active Students


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Over 500 Active Students

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How our plans work:

Active students are those you are working with. Students who have already graduated are put into inactive status and no longer count toward your plan. However, you still have access to their information to enable you to compile reports to look at historical data.

GuidedPath is built for counselors to aid in getting more students into college.

GuidedPath includes customization for your organization and individual students, current and accurate college and testing information, surveys, resources for students and advisors, communication tools, business tools and more.

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Contact us to ask about our flexible payment options or for more information about your free trial: