2018 Professional Development Series

Trend Setters in Education

In 2018 we are interviewing professionals who created new trends through innovative thinking. Sometimes bright ideas are at first controversial, then lead to change. Learn firsthand how being innovative has generated new trends in education.

Audience: All sessions are appropriate for teachers, administrators and advisors in schools, organizations and in private practice.  Parents and students can benefit from these sessions as well.

The 2018 Trend Setters interviews have concluded for the year.
Look for our next series to start in winter, 2019.

Missed these Trend Setter interviews?  Don’t worry! They are recorded

PresenterInterview TitleDetailsDate/Time 
Cyndy McDonald, counselor, entrepreneur, and speakerLeading the Way by Breaking New Ground: Lessons Learned in Leadership.Being a female entrepreneur is difficult enough at times, but being a female entrepreneur in technology has many challenges! In an interview, Cyndy McDonald, college counseling expert and female technology entrepreneur, shares lessons learned from her journey as a founder and trend setter in college counseling and technology.Thurs. July 19 2:00 pm PDT/ 5:00 pm EDTView Recording
Alan Katzman, Speaker and entrepreneurThe Positive Side of Social Media in College AdmissionsThere are two sides to the social media debate, but which one is better for students to follow? Staying away from social media, or embracing it? We pose this question and many more to Alan Katzman, who advocates students embrace social media and make it their own. Join us for a live interview, with time for you to ask Alan questions.
Thurs. April 11 10 am PDT/ 1:00 pm EDTView Recording
Peter VanBuskirk, Speaker and authorThe Admissions Game: 2020 and BeyondWhat does it take move the ball down to the finish line in the college admissions game? Peter VanBuskirk wrote about this challenge in his book, The College Admissions Game. How has college admissions changed over the past few years? What do parents/students and advisors need to know about college admissions in order to play the game? Join Peter as he discusses past and present practices, and how he set a new trend in education through his writing.
Thurs. March 22 10:00 am PDT/ 1:00 pm EDTView Recording
Corey Seemiller, Speaker & ProfessorGeneration Z Goes to CollegeInstant access to news, ongoing contact with peers, and growing up post 911 has shaped the lives of students today, known as Generation Z. How have life and world experiences shaped the perspectives of Generation Z students? What trends are on the horizon for these students, families and advisors, as they prepare for college? Corey Seemiller talks about her research on Generation Z, what sets this generation apart, and what that means for the future.Tues. February 20
10 am PDT/1 pm EDT
View Recording
Rich Feller, Professor & Career SpecialistIs it Your Genes or Passion? Uncovering “Best Fit” to Tell Your Career StoryDr Feller is a trend setter in career education. While promoting interest assessments (20M users of his Career Decision Making System) Rich Feller says, “interest-only assessment is now a social justice issue”. Reducing “exposure bias”, natural and stable aptitudes, and storytelling is disruption career advising. His aptitude research with www.youscience.com and gamification and storytelling with www.onelifetools.com is helping students discover their “hidden gems”, to find their VOICE to tell a better story, and self-advocate. He’ll show why “do what you love and the money will follow” is suspect! Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute called Rich “a world class professor”.Tues. January 30
10 am PST/1 pm EST
View Recording

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