Ready, Set, Go! Working with Rising Seniors! Use MyCCA or GuidedPath!

Summer is the time to work with rising seniors to get college lists finalized, essays started and students moved into high gear in preparation for applications.  Having an online tool to help organize and streamline this process will make your application season go much smoother and save time. The question is, which program offers the value and choices YOU need to use for your rising seniors?


Seamless and Easy

GuidedPath offers a SEAMLESS and EASY to follow process for college application planning, preparation and execution.  Using our exclusive four step process and tools, you will help students navigate the application process seamlessly and easily.

Process Tool
  1. Create a college list
GuidedPath College SEARCH & Competitive Student Quotient Gauges (one of our most popular features)
  1.  Make Application Plan
Application Plans with RESEARCHED admissions dates & essay prompts
  1.  Monitor Progress
Exclusive PROGRESS BARS for applications
  1. Evaluation of  Admissions Decisions
RECORD admissions decisions, merit & financial aid awards, create Alumni network


No Hidden Costs

As a single source for college planning, we INCLUDE in GuidedPath and several exclusive tools:

–        Online FISKE guide, with sortable FISKE ratings
–        Essay PROMPTS, including required supplemental questions
–        Steven Antonoff’s College Match, including a comprehensive report
–        Find My Spark Personality survey, with College Style, Majors and other information linked
–        College Affordability Survey,  which includes an EFC calculator for assessing financial fit
–        Custom SURVEYS which turn paper documents into online tools
–        The most powerful college SEARCH tool on the market

No need to pay additional for extra tools. In GuidedPath you have a complete tool with ONE price.  Period.


Students Love It and Use It

GuidedPath or MyCCA is a tool students will use, parents will appreciate, and you can rely on.  Students love the easy to use graphics and navigation. Parents love the milestone tracking and communication. You will love the notification and invoicing.


Learn More!

Join us for a demonstration or even better, try out GuidedPath for yourself!  Click here to see our demo schedule and register.  Click here to sign up for your free 30 day trial. now available through another application season

If you have, you now have the option to use for another application season. No need to stress over having to learn a new system or move data from MyCCA to GuidedPath. You can work with your seniors with GuidedPath for this season, and make plans with your class of 2016 and younger to use GuidedPath.  Contact for more information or to receive help in assessing when to move over to GuidedPath.

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