Recent Updates – July 10

New Reports!

There are 5 new reports in GuidedPath that all serve a different purpose.  They fall into two categories; Individual Student reports and Group Reports:


Individual student reports:

 These are reports that give you information on any one specific student.  The two student reports that are currently available are:

  1. The My Colleges List Report will show the student’s college list with important dates and information.
  2. The Colleges Information Report will show either the schools on a student’s My Colleges List, Interested Colleges List, or Both with a summary of information. This report will be printable in the near future.

Group Reports: 

The four new reports are:

  1. Student List report allows you to download basic information about the selected students.
  2. Students Without Future Appointments report allows you to keep track of which students need to be contacted to make an appointment.
  3. Overdue Assignments report helps make sure your students are staying on top of their assignments.
  4. Overdue Key Milestones report will help you track students who are not meeting their deadlines.

For more information on reports please click here.

Other Updates

1.  Siblings are often your best referral source.  Working with a younger sibling is a testament to how well your worked with the family with their elder child.  Parents do not need to create a second account when you begin to work with another one of their children.  You can associate a parent with a newly entered student and now we have made that even easier.  You can use the user management area to associate parents with students using only their name.
For more information on how to associate existing parent accounts to new students, please click here.

2.  Now when sending messages, everyone will see who else the message went to.
Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.44.20 PM

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