Recent Updates – July 25


We all know that students live on their phones.  GuidedPath now allows you to send a text message directly to your student.  Using GuidedPath to send these messages allows you to keep track of your communication with your students.  If your students reply to these text messages, the replies will go right to your e-mail inbox.  For more details on message please click here.

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Invoicing Update!

Do you use the same custom message on every invoice you send?  You can now adjust your default message in your organization information section to set the invoice signature remarks one time.

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New Report!

Many of you have asked for a way to run a report of your invoicing data.  The new Charges and Balances reports allows you to see total charges, total payments, and outstanding balances for your families.  The report can be run for your entire practice or any subset of students.  Click here for more information on pulling reports in GuidedPath.

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CSQ Summary Update!

Evaluating admissions expectations requires looking at a variety of data points.  The CSQ Summary is here to help!  It maps your students test scores over the school’s averages and now we have added two additional data points; test score distribution tables and a GPA pie chart. This gives 3 data points for assessing how a student maps to the school’s averages.

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