Recent updates to GuidedPath

You may (or may not) have noticed that we’ve been making some tweaks to GuidedPath recently. I’m excited to let you know we’ve added in some highly requested features. Thanks to the great feedback we receive from the GuidedPath community we’re able to continue improving our product to meet your needs.


My Chances Report

This one gets top honors for # of times requested and I’m pleased to say it’s here. Visit the Reports section and with one click you’ll have a full detailed report helping visualize a student’s chances of getting accepted into their school of choice. You can even print the My Chances Report.
Disclaimer: Each college will make two pages when printing. College lists can certainly get long, in order to save paper and costs we recommend clicking Print and then saving the report as a PDF file. This way you can email the PDF  file to the client.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.22.51 AM


Test Schedule Printing

Visit the Tests section and you’ll find there are two export buttons in the testing schedule grid. Before exporting the grid as a PDF or Excel file you can use the filters to only show the test details you need. For example, if I want a PDF of only the AP tests I can click on the filter icon in the “Type” column. Next I’d enter “AP” under the first “Is equal to” condition and then click filter. Now I have a refined list showing only the upcoming AP test details and I could then export. Another example would be to show only tests the student has scheduled.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.16.29 PM


Calendar Export

You now have the option to export a student’s Calendar in GuidedPath. If the student has a busy month and it’d be helpful to print out or save a PDF of the month’s view simply click the “Export to PDF” button. You can also export the group calendar to see all student events.
Important: Due to the never ending challenges that come with browser compatibility the Calendar export does not work in Safari, please use a different browser.


Coming soon: Student Connections Report

During our scheduled maintenance window this Thursday evening we’ll be releasing the Student Connections report. This is another highly requested report and you’ll soon be able to export the contact information of your students’ family members and other connections. Look for this in the Reports section on Friday morning.

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