January, 2005.  It was an exciting time to be launching a new company, My College Consultant Assistant (MyCCA).  Our company would offer a software program we believed would revolutionize the college counseling profession.  The era of digital tools was here, but no one had thought outside the box and started offering an online tool geared toward higher education planning. So we did! We wanted to provide a program that would give college advisors more time to spend with students; which is where they wanted to be.  We also wanted to provide a software solution that would help with the business side of an independent educational consultant’s practice.  This was also an often neglected consideration when programs or other software tools were designed.

The initial launch of MyCCA was as a software downloadable program.  Our first customer was Barry Sysler. In January 2005 Barry downloaded the very first version of MyCCA to his computer in Philadelphia. We called him to thank him and help him with his new purchase.  That was the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship.

As we came to know Barry more, we recognized what a truly inspirational individual he was.  He was a mentor and a visionary.  He embodied everything our profession supports, and our company represents.  He believed in the one-one, face to face discussion with parents and students.  We believe in the one-one, personal discussion with our fellow professionals.

Learning, growing, expanding opportunities.  Staying abreast of the times. Helping other organizations to grow and thrive (IECA, HECA, NCAG) were all a part of Barry’s agenda, and have been part of our company agenda as well.  Professional development is a key value we exemplify every month with our free webinars, newsletters, tweets and blogs.

Growth, both as a profession and as a company, comes from listening as well.  MyCCA has always listened intently to our subscribers.  We wanted to hear about what worked, what suggestions people had, and what we could do to better serve our community.  For MyCCA was that, a community of people who shared, learned and grew together.  The best tools of MyCCA came out of this sharing partnership we have.

In the years since the launch of MyCCA, our company has grown.  It has gone from a husband-wife team to a team of eight people united in a common goal. It has gone from a downloadable software for your computer to a full, web-based service (since 2007).  Accurate and timely admissions data was hard to come by, so we started our own research and added that to MyCCA (2011).  Offering a college guide to use in the college search became a goal, and so FISKE Guides were offered as an integral part of MyCCA (2012).  Our goal is to stay cutting edge, staying abreast of the increasingly complex college admissions process.

February, 2014 and it is time to take that next step as a company.  We are launching GuidedPath, as a new online, software tool for you and your students.  It offers so much more than we could in MyCCA. Among the many things built in, GuidedPath will have a complete student and parent login.  Parents will have the opportunity to see their son or daughter’s college application milestones.  Students love using the college search and college list features, not to mention the university videos on over 600 schools. GuidedPath will take all the wonderful things MyCCA offers, and multiply it through the ingenious technology it has. It is magnified.

What GuidedPath does not change, is the heart of MyCCA. Our core values remain the same; focused on our community.  Our subscribers, our friends and colleagues, who are working with students, families and organizations, helping to make the dream of a higher education a reality for students the world around.  This didn’t change for Barry.  This does not change for us.

*in memory of Barry Sysler,  who passed away suddenly Feb, 2014.

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