Seismic Shifting Sands: 2016 College Admissions

Recently we hosted the largest webinar in the history of GuidedPath.  Almost 500 people signed up for this webinar.  Obviously, this is a hot topic in college admissions right now.  We have posted the slides and the recording for the webinar. This webinar was specifically for counselors and advisors.  We will be repeating the webinar on April 19, 2016 for parents and students.  Go to the Professional Development page to see details and registration.  Thanks for all the interest and positive comments we have received for our webinar series. It is part of our commitment to the profession of college counseling!


Webinar Topic

2016 will see the launch of a new college application landscape. The college application process is experiencing seismic waves that will be felt for decades, with changes to the Common Application, the introduction of the Coalition College Application and major changes implemented in other systems such as the University of California. How will you as a counselor get a firm footing in this shifting landscape? Two experienced college counselors, Cyndy McDonald and Rebecca Joseph, discussed the shifting sands and give tips for guiding parents and students to firm ground.

Slideshare Presentation

Seismic Shifting Sands: 2016 College Admissions Applications from GuidedPath

Presentation Recording



Check back for a list of Questions & Answers!

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