Seize Control of Career Exploration with YouScience and GuidedPath Partnership

Best Fit Now includes College Exploration
More and more advisors are including career exploration as a component of  their “best fit” college planning strategies. The importance and value of understanding a student’s interests, passions and aptitudes before selecting a major and a college is increasing as college costs are increasing.

YouScience Offers State of the Art Assessment
Backed by years of research, YouScience “is a one-of-a-kind career discovery profile designed to help students better understand their natural abilities, broaden awareness of career opportunities”. Offered to all students in Georgia, YouScience has been transforming the landscape of career counseling over the past few years. 

GuidedPath is excited to announce a new partnership with YouScience
Working together with YouScience, GuidedPath is excited to announce a new partnership with YouScience.  This partnership gives each GuidedPath subscriber a special YouScience link to add to your GuidedPath account as a custom menu item. 

Why Understanding Aptitudes is Important
YouScience explains, “Unlike traditional self-reported, interest-based career tools, YouScience is the only system that employs decades of rigorous scientific research to measure students’ aptitudes”.   Rich Feller, the leading researcher of YouScience, explained the value and meaning of this approach in an interview with Cyndy McDonald.  

How Does YouScience Work?
According to YouScience “it’s patent-pending technology combines cutting-edge matching algorithms with the most reliable and comprehensive career data, providing each student with a highly-personalized online profile that highlights the intersection of his or her unique talents, passions and opportunities.”

Additional Costs of YouScience
There is an additional cost to using YouScience.  The cost is $100 for 10 assessments.  Contact YouScience directly to set up a new account.   Or, visit their website for info on the company.

How to Add YouScience to GuidedPath
Using the exclusive Custom Menu option in GuidedPath, advisors can add a specific URL to the Custom menu section.  This will provide each of your students and advisors with a link to YouScience at your fingertips.  Students will need to sign into YouScience directly. There is not an option for a single sign on (yet)! 

Save this YouScience custom URL to enter into your GuidedPath Custom Menu.   (You won’t be able to click thru directly – this url must be used within GuidedPath).

How to Learn More About Custom Menus
Learn more about custom menus in the GuidedPath knowledge base.