Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

Recently, on a professional listserv, a post was published that raised some questions about both GuidedPath and MyCCA. Here is the response I published in an effort to set the record straight about what’s happening with MyCCA and GuidedPath:

I remember my first NACAC conference over 25 years ago.  When I saw a product that I thought would be good to use with my students, I was often told, “We don’t sell to independent consultants; only to schools (or universities).”  I vowed then to help create a change, and several years later accomplished that.  I am so thrilled that now many others, have created services or products for our members to use.  Not only do we have products to use, but multiple products to compare. That shows the strength and growth of our profession.

I wanted to respond to a recent posting about GuidedPath and As the first online tool in the market several years ago, we blazed a trail for other online systems to follow. We created new and unique tools for independents.

Once again we are blazing trails, with the introduction of a new version of, GuidedPath.

Can I sign up for GuidedPath right now?  Yes, it is available to new and to current subscribers.

Is GuidedPath a complete system right now?  No online system should ever claim to be “complete.” If it is, then it is not adding new features or staying on the cutting edge. GuidedPath is a fully functional system now, but we have more features to add.

Why have GuidedPath and available at the same time?  Our subscribers told us they wanted access to GuidedPath as soon as possible.  They wanted to use many of the new tools such as its powerful search tool, the interactive graphics, and the new student dashboard.

Can I move from using to GuidedPath?   Yes, all current subscribers are invited to move (the term we use is “transition”) from to GuidedPath.

Will GuidedPath have all the features of  It will have the ones everyone loves, often with enhancements the new, smart technology of GuidedPath allows. For details on the CSQ’s, broadcast email and other current MyCCA features and how they are configured in GuidedPath, check our blog.

When will GuidedPath have most tools included? As we add new tools, like custom surveys and group dashboards, we announce them.  We plan to have all tools features complete by this summer.

What’s coming out soon?  Student confidential notes is coming out next week.

Anyone with questions about the current or planned tools or features in GuidedPath are invited to contact GuidedPath directly at or review our frequently updated product roadmap.


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