Speaker Biographies

Maria Furtado
Executive Director, Colleges That Change Lives

Ms. Furtado has been extensively involved with CTCL since its inception and has counseled thousands of students about college choice. Having previously worked for two CTCL colleges, Ms. Furtado now devotes herself to the Colleges That Change Lives mission: helping students and families better understand the college admissions process to find the best college fit possible. Ms. Furtado is available for speaking engagements and can be reached by email or phone 727-465-8005.

Joyce Vining Morgan
Educational Consultant and author, Admissions Matters

Joyce Vining Morgan is one of three authors of Admissions Matters.  Joyce has extensive experience working in school settings, including International Schools. She has guided students and parents through the college admissions process.

The fourth edition of Admission Matters is coming this spring. Written by three education professionals who have devoted their careers to working with high school and college students in the roles of counselor, admissions officer, teacher, and administrator, it provides first-rate advice on all the nuts and bolts of college admissions, from developing a balanced college list, taking standardized tests, writing effective essays, to applying for financial aid. It includes new or expanded sections on athletics, the arts, learning disabilities, homeschooling, and transferring, as well as a chapter for international students. The book can easily stand alone as the best current how-to manual available.  You can reach Joyce by email.

Kristina L. Dooley
Certified Educational Planner
Founder & President of Estrela Consulting

Kristina L. Dooley is a Certified Educational Planner (CEP) and founder of Estrela Consulting. Prior to launching Estrela Consulting in 2008, Kristina served as the Assistant Director of Admission at Hiram College (OH) and as the Director of Admission and Marketing at Andrews Osborne Academy (OH). In her previous positions, Kristina had the opportunity to assist students with varying academic and extracurricular interests and abilities with their school search processes. These experiences were the foundation for Kristina’s interest in assisting families through a process that, though seemingly complex, can also be very exciting!In addition to assisting students from the U.S., Kristina has had the opportunity to work with students from around the world. Having lived in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, Kristina has a strong sense of the hurdles international students and “global nomads” face when applying to study in the U.S. or Canada. Her experiences living abroad have helped to strengthen her passion for working with international and expatriate students, particularly those in Latin America.