Student Sparks Idea

Scholarships are like gold!

Now that most students have completed their college applications, their attention, (or more accurately, their parents’ attention) is turning to scholarships. In a meeting with a student this weekend, we discussed different scholarships she is working on. She asked me, “How do I keep all my scholarship deadlines straight?” Her question sparked the idea to share a great tool to manage it all! 

Using GuidedPath to Easily Track Scholarships as Assignments

GuidedPath has the perfect tool to use to manage scholarship deadlines. An assignment could be created for each scholarship. The Assignment could include include:

  • The scholarship name
  • Link to the scholarship forms
  • Details about the scholarship

This would help put everything my student needed in one location, to help track scholarships and their associated deadlines. It would also make the parents very happy.

My student set up all her scholarships using the student calendar in GuidedPath. She received the notifications, and I did too. It was very fulfilling to see more than nine scholarships in a row on my confirmation emails.

Group Calendar!

It was also very satisfying to see all her scholarships listed on my group calendar. Managing scholarships became a lot easier with the Group Calendar function of GuidedPath.

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

One of the benefits of using assignments is the reduction of time needed for communications with parents and the student on the scholarships. Parents, students, and I, as the advisor, receive emails about the scholarships. We receive emails:

  • when the scholarship is set up as an assignment
  • 3 days before the due date of the scholarship
  • on the due date of the scholarship

This would make parents very happy. They can see the scholarships are on the mind of both the student and advisor. Having one calendar with not only college information, but scholarship information too, makes life easier for all: students, parents and advisors!

Using Assignments or Appointments

Want to learn more about how to save yourself time and money using assignments or appointments? View the knowledge base article on Group Calendar or on Student Calendar.