Surveys – New Dashboard

Surveys are a great tool for gathering information about your students and families, allowing students to record their courses and activities and viewing the results of the EFC Calculator, College Match and Find My Spark.

GuidedPath has 10 surveys available for you to use, or you can even make your own.  See the descriptions of the surveys here.

To make it easier on you and your students, we’ve added a Survey Dashboard!

Use the Survey Dashboard to easily see how many surveys have been completed.

survey dashboard example 2

You’ll find the surveys are now organized into the following categories: Learn, Explore, and Record.


The learn category contains our surveys that provide analysis.  View the student’s results right on the Survey Dashboard:

  • EFC Calculator (renamed from College Affordability Shaper)
  • College Match
  • Find My Spark


  • Athletic Worksheet
  • Design a College
  • Getting 2 Know U
  • Parent Questionaire


  • Activity Summary
  • Course Plan
  • Letters of Recommendation

Designed your own surveys?   They will be titled with your organization name right under “Record”

Access any survey by clicking on its colored box – you can still get to a specific survey quickly from anywhere in the system by using the upper menu.

Starting a survey is now more user-friendly with the new “start” button!  Clicking on the section headers in the Summary Tab will bring you directly into that spot in the survey

start survey button

Tab between different areas to view and answer questions, check your progress, and view results.

survey dashboard example


Don’t forget – you can turn surveys on or off for your organization!  View our knowledgebase article with instructions.

Bonus Feature – send registration emails from the My Students Page

Need to send a registration email to a student?  You can now easily send a registration email right from the My Students list.

send registration button