Student Athletes Spotlight

What does it take to be an athlete in college? Why is it important to know what is driving them to play a sport? Why do athletic scholarships vary by sport? Katie Andersen, an expert in admissions and recruiting for athletes, provided insights and tools...
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Part 6: Athletic Scholarships vs Merit Awards for Student-Athletes

This is the sixth and final blog from our guest blogger Katie Andersen. Katie has provided a very comprehensive series of blogs on counseling the student athlete. To wrap up this series, GuidedPath is hosting a webinar on this topic of guiding student...
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PART 3: Evaluate Academic Fit for Student-Athletes

In  the second blog, Determine Academic Eligibility, I discussed academic eligibility, which is different from finding the best academic fit for a student-athlete. Many student-athletes believe if they are athletically talented the recruiting doors should...
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