And the Answer Is?

On Friday, March 27 was GuidedPath’s very first open forum. We expected a handful of people to be interested. We had almost 200 register, and over 100 attend. So exciting to have the community come together so solidly. It also demonstrates the need...
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Is a Liberal Arts Degree Good for Generation Z Students?

In an era when there is additional emphasis on specific career preparation, will a liberal arts degree be good for Generation Z students? The executive director of Colleges That Change Lives, Maria Furtado, recently discussed this and other topics in...
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Guiding the Undecided Student- Is Declaring a Major Imperative?

Cyndy McDonald interviewed Joyce Vining Morgan, author of Admissions Matters to discuss the question, “Is Declaring a Major Imperative”. In this very insightful interview, Joyce answered the following questions: Does selecting the “right”...
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