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Top 5 Tips from GuidedPath Power Users

Advisors share their tips for running their consulting business easier using GuidedPath in our recent webinar.  Michelle Humbach, from Denver, Colorado, and Tatum Hutton, Half Moon Bay, California, shared five tips each.  These tips help them save time...
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Bring Calm Amidst the Chaos of the Coronavirus.

A message of hope and calm during this time of coronavirus. Dear Friend: The outbreak of the coronavirus is unprecedented.  Never before in our lives, let alone the lives of our students, have we had to face such a global threat.  This threat discriminates. ...
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Corsava CounselorPro with Cafe – A Counselor’s Dream Come

What is the Counselor Cafe by Corsava? We asked Anne Wager and Ernie Booth for more details!
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