Liberal Arts

Balancing Diversity and Admissions

Recent lawsuits have brought attention to the role of diversity in admissions. Many institutions have goals toward increasing diversity. How do admissions offices strive to meet those goals and balance admissions standards too? Join us for an interview...
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Is a Liberal Arts Degree Good for Generation Z Students?

In an era when there is additional emphasis on specific career preparation, will a liberal arts degree be good for Generation Z students? The executive director of Colleges That Change Lives, Maria Furtado, recently discussed this and other topics in...
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Fascinating Interview with Edward Fiske on College Admissions Trends

Edward Fiske has seen many trends in college education over the years he has covered this topic. What trends does he see for the future? How can we learn from the past? What goes into selecting the colleges to go into the Fiske Guide?  What we can learn...
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