Application season is almost here!

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks on Tuesday.  And never mind the fact that it’s still 90+ degrees outside – it’s fall!  Time for pumpkin-spice everything, sweaters, football – and College Applications!! Application Plans...
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Kickstart Student Essays with EssayDog

The thought of writing essays for college applications can strike fear into the hearts of students and parents alike. Howard Reichman and Teddy Barnes of EssayDog show how the essay writing process can be likened to scriptwriting, and how applying the...
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How to Write Better Supplemental Essays in 15 Minutes (Yes, Really)

Ethan Sawyer unveils brand new resources developed for helping students write better supplements. He’ll offer a sneak peek at his brand new courses for counselors, which start on May 1. He made a special live offer to Guided Path users.  This offer...
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Interview with Peter VanBuskirk: The Admissions Game: 2020 and Beyond

What does it take move the ball down to the finish line in the college admissions game? Peter VanBuskirk wrote about this challenge in his book, “Winning The College Admission Game: Strategies for Students and Parents.” In our interview, we...
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Generation Z Goes to College

…what we found was actually ground breaking.  This is a generation incredibly different from Millennials, and we were all operating from a millennial mindset… In a recent interview with Cyndy McDonald, Dr. Seemiller shared insights into her...
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Fascinating Interview with Edward Fiske on College Admissions Trends

Edward Fiske has seen many trends in college education over the years he has covered this topic. What trends does he see for the future? How can we learn from the past? What goes into selecting the colleges to go into the Fiske Guide?  What we can learn...
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