Peter Van Buskirk

GuidedPath’s Most Popular Webinars

Over Four Years Broad List of Topics Covered Over the past four years we have covered a wide range of topics through our GuidedPath webinar series.  Let’s take a look back at what we have covered. 2013: June-July |   Now That You Are a College...
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American College Admissions- Down & Dirty: Now Available (Counselor version)

Many claim the current American college admissions process is either cured or cursed. Which is it? Rankings, strategic enrollment management and other factors have contributed to the current stage of American college admissions. How have these factors...
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The Perfect Storm Q&A with Peter Van Buskirk

Recently, Peter Van Buskirk was gracious enough to host a webinar for GuidedPath entitled, "The Perfect Storm; College Admissions in the 21st Century." Many of you had questions for Peter that we didn't have enough time to get to, so we teamed up with...
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