Bright, shiny new, data!

  • Shiny and new
Who doesn’t like bright, shiny new things?  We all do!  For GuidedPath, it means bright, shining, new data! The annual update of data is now complete within GuidedPath. As you direct students and families in the college planning process, and guide...
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GuidedPath’s Most Popular Webinars

Over Four Years Broad List of Topics Covered Over the past four years we have covered a wide range of topics through our GuidedPath webinar series.  Let’s take a look back at what we have covered. 2013: June-July |   Now That You Are a College...
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College Affordability: 2 Case Studies to Inspire You

Wondering how to determine a family’s financial profile? Where a family may find their best sources of aid? How to build a smart college list to include college afforability? Interested in seeing the outcomes of real students? Join two experienced...
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