Application season is almost here!

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks on Tuesday.  And never mind the fact that it’s still 90+ degrees outside – it’s fall!  Time for pumpkin-spice everything, sweaters, football – and College Applications!! Application Plans...
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Fascinating Interview with Edward Fiske on College Admissions Trends

Edward Fiske has seen many trends in college education over the years he has covered this topic. What trends does he see for the future? How can we learn from the past? What goes into selecting the colleges to go into the Fiske Guide?  What we can learn...
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Interview with Marie Schwartz: Choosing the Path Less Traveled: How a Gap Year Can Enhance Your College Experience

Recent years has seen a growing number of students choosing not to attend college right out of high school. Increasingly, students and parents are seeing the value of taking time to learn and grow before launching into college. In an interview with Marie...
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Introducing GuidedPath’s NEW Decisions Dashboard

New Decisions Dashboard Now, adding college decisions in GuidedPath is easy and fast, using the new Quick Accept feature. As the leading online college planning software, GuidedPath is leading the way into 2017. The new Decisions dashboard features: At...
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Why Celebrate Seniors in December?

December is such a busy time of year- why try to add another activity to the list? This year our office planned a senior celebration to be held in early November, to avoid the holiday rush. Due to the early arrival of twin grand-daughters, the celebration...
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Now Available: 17 Things High School Grads Need to Do The Summer Before College

FACT: Millions of students WILL struggle their first year in college. Many will NOT return to the same campus. This professional webinar, offered by Harlan Cohen, discusses how to help your students prepare and plan for a successful college transition...
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