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You can Track New Test Requirements in GuidedPath

April 14, 2020 There have been so many changes to test schedules and college test requirements lately…. GuidedPath wants to make it easier to keep track! What are we doing? 1. We have updated all AP tests on a student’s schedule to reflect...
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Will Colleges Waive Standardized Test Scores for Class of 2021?

Preparing for the ACT or SAT is stressful to students.  Waiting to learn your scores on the ACT or SAT tests is even more stressful to students (and parents, and advisors too!)  Imagine not needing those scores as a part of your college admissions portfolio? ...
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Annual Data Update Complete!

When you log into GuidedPath today, you will have at your fingertips the most recent data available anywhere on the internet for your students!  As you direct students and families in the college planning process, and guide students in their application...
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