The 9 Principles of College Going Culture Supported by GuidedPath

Nine Principles of College Going Culture Supported by GuidedPath
GuidedPath is attending the Building Capacity Conference for GearUP programs, Feb. 2-4, in Orlando, FL. We are looking forward to meeting programs and schools while at this important conference and joining in the conversations concerning how to create a college going culture on campus.

Research shows students who decide early to go to college have a greater chance of making it to college.  The intention and premise behind the GEARUP grants is meet this need by preparing students early for higher education.  How do you support students in this goal?  What will the conversations this week at the Building Capacity workshop include?  They will revolve around one of the following nine principles UCLA and other research identified as critical to creating a college going culture:

  1.  College Talk: clear, ongoing college conversation, not “if”, but “when” you go to college.
  2. Clear Expectations: making clear, defined goals that are part of the school culture.
  3. Information & Resources: providing current information & resources, easily accessible.
  4. Counseling Model: all student interactions are seen as opportunities to promote higher education.
  5. Testing: education about different tests, preparation and making tests easily accessible.
  6. Teachers: the entire school faculty & staff needs to buy into the concept of a college going culture.
  7. Family: involving the family is critical to the success of students reaching higher education, especially if they want to go away to a four year university.
  8. Partnerships: join with higher institutions for programs and visits.
  9. Articulation: ensure coordination between the school and programs for students in cohorts or groups.

We look forward to hearing and participating in these conversations.  GuidedPath is designed to support schools and programs in the building of a college going culture.  The messages, tools and features of GuidedPath make it a tool ideally suited to assisting each GEARUP program in creating an awareness and building opportunities for students to succeed in preparing for college.

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