GuidedPath – The Journey


GuidedPath – The Journey

Several years ago, as an independent educational consultant helping students find their dream schools. I would search for colleges, find just the right ones and then ask myself, “now what?” Did these colleges require transcripts? How about supplements? What test scores did the college want to see? How was I going to find all the accurate information needed by my students to submit successful applications? Of all of the online tools available, none could answer the “now what?” question. Having all of the application information for each school seemed to be a natural next step once I found schools for my students. However, this information wasn’t made available by any online tool. This is how MyCCA was born; out of a need to have a reliable, consistent and comprehensive tool for both counselors and students to use, to answer the “now what?” question.

Fast forward to 2013. Technology, college admissions, student curriculum have progressed at a blindingly fast pace. Five years ago, having a student login function was a novelty…now it’s standard. Now, students do everything from a mobile device. Parents can check grades online. Teachers can download recommendations for students in seconds. Printers have become primitive. Students want to be engaged in the college planning, search and organization process.

Now demands and standards have shifted. Students and parents want to see everything about every school: size, graduation rate, diversity, and scholarship potential, among many things. Students and parents want to conduct a college search on-demand, when it’s convenient for them, and organize this search in the way they see fit. This is the next challenge MyCCA is ready to answer. We are answering it with GuidedPath™.
Beginning in early 2014, MyCCA will transform into a brand new online tool.  GuidedPath’s advanced technology will promote a more engaging experience for students and provide a more powerful college counseling method. Here are just a few of the great features of GuidedPath:

  • A proven 4-step college planning process
  • Interactive, multi-media college profiles, including the exclusive FISKE guide
  • Progress bars for gauging the pace and status of college applications
  • New dashboards for organizing student tasks and monitoring progress
  • GuidedSearch™ – a great new way to find best fit colleges for individual students

Look for more information about GuidedPath coming soon! GuidedPath will become your single source for college planning. Please email to sign up for a free preview today!

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