Three Tips for Better Guided Searching

Three tips for better Guided Searching
The GuidedPath™ Guided Search tool was designed to put you in control of college searching. We have 3 great tips to help you leverage the features of this tool to conduct quality college searches:

1.  Use Tagged Lists

The Guided Search tool has the searchable fields separated into 4 different categories. Each category has a set of tagged lists available.

  • General Tagged Lists – This section includes lists such as engineering programs with 2000 students or less and the US News Top 100 Liberal Arts Colleges.
  • Academic Tagged Lists – This section includes lists such as programs that require a theater audition and accelerated medical admissions programs.
  • Financial Aid Tagged Lists – These lists help you target schools based on financial fit. These lists are suggested in the results of the College Affordability Shaper and help you find schools that are a good financial fit for families.
  • Social Experience Tagged Lists– This section includes lists such as colleges with a sizable jewish population to historical black colleges.

2.  Search on your student’s college list

In the General Tab you can select schools that are already on a student’s ‘Interested Colleges’ list as well as their ‘My Colleges’ list. Once you have chosen a list, you can check boxes off next to the fields you want to compare across these schools. This allows you to look at a variety of factors across the schools students are interested in applying to.

3.  Add schools to the interested colleges list easily and quickly

By clicking on the + icon next to any school in your results list, you can easily add the school to the interested colleges list. This allows you to save a list of schools that are being considered for application. An icon will then appears to the left of the college name to indicate that’s it’s on a student’s list.

Please visit our help website for more information about Guided Search and the community section to post your own tips, tricks, and ideas about Guided Search. The GuidedPath™ team and community can’t wait to hear from you!

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