Tracking College Decisions in GuidedPath

Spring is upon us and high school seniors are hearing back on their college applications. Whether you work with a few students or many it’s important to capture this key information to assist your work with future families. Follow these easy steps to make sure you are accurately tracking your students’ college decisions in GuidedPath.

Step 1: My Colleges & App Plans

Tracking college decisions in GuidedPath begins with the college lists. Only schools in the My Colleges list will carry over into the Applications and Decisions section. Keep in mind that if you have schools on the My Colleges list that are not listed in the Decisions section this is because you have not visited the Applications section first. You simply need to click on the Applications Plans page one time and then those schools will carry over to the Decisions section.

Step 2: Quick-Edit College Decisions

The Decisions section in GuidedPath represents the final step in the college planning and application process. It allows you to track college responses, financial aid awards, and ultimately where your students enroll. You have the option to “quick-edit” college decision information in the Summary grid. Click on the pencil icon and you’ll see two drop-downs appear allowing you to select the “Most Recent Response” and “My Decision” for each college. Be sure to click the check mark to save your updates. Note that now you can export this Summary grid as a PDF or export to Excel.

screen shot quick edit1

Step 3: Decision Details

But what about recording more detailed information, such as financial aid? No problem! Just click the “Decision Details” link for each school from the My Decisions window. When you click “Add new response” you can record the date the student heard back and also enter in a note in the “Additional Information” column. Be sure to “Save” the added responses. You’ll notice the next section is for recording financial aid awards. Note there are many options to select from the dropdown menu providing flexibility to record for any type of award. Lastly there is even a pros and cons list that students can use to brainstorm and determine which school is the best fit for them.

screen shot decision details

Step 4: Group Mode

Now what about putting pulling a report on all of this great data for a group of students? This can be done by going into what we call “Group Mode”. To get into Group Mode you first use the My Students screen to select the group of students you would like to include in the report. You can use the search filters to pull up past students (Status filter = Archived) or student’s assigned to other advisors (Advisor filter). Once you’ve selected the students from the grid click the “Select Group” button to go into Group Mode.

Step 5: Group Analysis

When you visit the Decisions section you’ll find the college decisions report. This is a dynamic report that is a great tool for analyzing your group of students. The grid will show every school that was applied to along with how many students applied, received a response, enrolled, etc. Click the arrow next to each school to expand and see the college decision details for each student who applied. You can also drag & drop a column header to group this data. Let’s say you want to see the data broken down by your students who have an enrollment decision. Simply drag the “Enrolled” column header and drop in the top row of the grid to group the colleges by enrollment. I’m also very excited to announce within a few weeks you’ll be able to print as a PDF or export this report to Excel.

screen shot group decisions

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