GuidedPath for UC Students!

Add Pizzazz to your College Planning Service

Whether you are just starting your college planning service, or building your existing practice, using an online college planning software not only adds pizzazz to your service, it can save you time and money.

What are the Top Five Benefits to GuidedPath

While we feel there are multiple benefits to using GuidedPath, here are the top five we hear from our users. They tell us GuidedPath is:

  1. Easy to use.  GuidedPath is set up using a 5 step process that is easy for you to implement in your practice, and to teach to your students.
  2. Easy to set up. You can be up and running with GuidedPath in just seconds.  No credit card or long questions to answer to get started. Just click on the Getting Started button below and you are off and running in no time.
  3. Professional. It makes your practice look and feel professional, polished. It is a robust system with lots of data you can share with your clients.  
  4. Inexpensive.  Start using GuidedPath for as little as $11.25/month for the first six months. See offer details below.
  5. Well supported. GuidedPath can help you learn best practices for building your practice. We offer tutorials, articles, webinars and more.

Special Offer for UC Students 

We want you to succeed in building or expanding your service. So, for a limited time, GuidedPath is offering you a special opportunity to use GuidedPath at a reduced cost.

    • First 30 days free
    • Free student, Andy Awesome, to use for training and marketing
    • First 6 months REDUCED price. See details below
    • Free support
    • Free access to Best Practices webinars and tutorials.

The special UC student GuidedPath monthly rate is $11.25/month cost.  This is a 75% discount off list price of $45.00/month starting price for new consultants.  After your first six months of GuidedPath, contact to see if you qualify for the Professional discount.

Use Coupon Code:  UCSTUDENT

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